The mission of LCIF, the Lions Club International Foundation, is to empower Lions clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need through humanitarian services and grants that impact lives globally, and encourage peace and international understanding.

Disaster Relief

Part of the LCIF mission is to provide aid to natural and man-made disasters wherever they happen in the world. This help is usually provided by Lions Clubs locally to the event, funded by grants from LCIF. We, like many other Lions Clubs, donate part of the funds we raise to the LCIF Disaster fund so they are ready to provide help immediately, wherever it is needed. Below are some of the events that LCIF have supported:

LCIF Grants Empower Lions to Support Ukrainian Refugees

During the war in Ukraine, LCIF grants are ensuring that Lions can meet a broad spectrum of refugee needs, including immediate survival needs, transitional needs for mid- and long-term settlement, and support for services to help refugees integrate into their new communities. Watch this video to see some of these life-saving projects in Poland.

Global Causes

Every journey begins with a single step. One act of service, one encouraging word, one gift of generosity is often all it takes to bring hope where it’s needed most.

Over the last 100 years, the kindness of Lions and Leos has multiplied across borders, oceans, and continents. With over 1.4 million members, we now have an opportunity to truly change our world.

That’s why we’re uniting our global service around five areas of need. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity, and we believe it’s our turn to meet them.


We serve to improve human flourishing. We see how the global hunger and nutrition crisis bears upon our local communities, and believe true community improvement depends on the thriving of its members.

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  • 253 million people are blind or have moderate to severe distance vision impairment (MSVI)
  • 1.1 billion have near-vision impairment simply because they don’t have a pair of glasses
  • >75% of all blindness and MSVI is avoidable
  • 89% of people with visual impairment live in developing countries

Lions Clubs in the UK support this cause through Spectrek. Click here to read more

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The earth sustains human life. We’ve seen how our stewardship of natural resources can improve quality of life and increase engagement in our local communities. Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. And we’re committed to caring for it.

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Childhood Cancer

LCIF provides support for the needs of children and families affected by childhood cance through impactful service activities

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Diabetes is a global epidemic. An estimated 463 million adults across the world are living with diabetes, and its prevalence is increasing rapidly. By 2045, the number is expected to reach 700 million. Diabetes is a global epidemic that touches every corner of the globe.

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