About Us

Wokingham Lions Club has about 40 like-minded members, both male and female, dedicated to supporting the local community and having fun doing it!

Our members enjoy an active social life, with social events held every month. Some are listed below, with more on our Past Social Events page.

We run three community services: Message in a Bottle, Spectrek spectacle and hearing aid recycling and ReTec recycling laptop computers

We will be organising several exciting events to celebrate this milestone. Watch this space and also our Facebook page to see updates

We organise many fund-raising events, some of which can be seen on the Past Fundraising Events page

The money we raise is used to support local charities and individuals in need, some of which can be seen on the Charity Support page.  We also contribute to LCIF to support worldwide disasters (see below)

Registered Charity No. 1180632

Founded April 1974

We are part of Lions Club International (LCI), which is the largest charitable service organisation in the world. It was formed in 1917 to offer people the opportunity to give something back to their communities. Today it has more than 1.3 million members belonging to 60,000 clubs in over 200 countries.

LCI provides immediate support when disasters strike, such as earthquakes, Tsunamis, fires and floods, through the Lions Club International Foundation.  Read more about LCIF by clicking here

LCI supports 5 global causes:

We are a very friendly club, with members from Wokingham and the surrounding area. We work hard to support the local community and raise funds for local charities, and have fun doing it!

New members are always welcome, so if you would like to be part of it, please contact us

Part of the Lions ethos is to promote fellowship with fellow Lions worldwide.  Any member of a Lions club who may be visiting our area is welcome to join us at any of our social events, meetings or fund-raising activities.

Similarly, when our members are on their travels they try to make contact with Lions clubs to promote fellowship.  Here are some of our experiences.

One a local scale, one of the main objectives of Lions is to help the local community and raise money to support local and international charities.  However, an equally important objective is that members should have FUN!  We therefore combine our efforts with a very active social life.  You can read more about our activites by visiting the other pages of this website.

You can also learn about Lions Clubs in Britain by viewing a video, narrated by Penelope Keith:

The Lion’s Club motto is simple….”We Serve”….what better way to explain our mission?

There is a summary of our club in our membership brochure, which can be downloaded here, and is reproduced below

If you want to give something to the local community and have fun at the same time, then contact us for further information.  Each member can do as much or as little as they want.  They are all volunteers so there is no pressure to do anything.

Please be advised that we will never ask anyone seeking a grant from Lions Clubs International or from any Lions Club to make any payment to secure a Lions grant.  Anyone contacting you by telephone, by letter or online and offering a Lions grant in exchange for a fee or advance payment to secure a Lions grant is doing so fraudulently, and you should not proceed with the matter.