Message in a Bottle

Do you take medication for an existing medical condition?

Are you allergic to any particular drug?

If you were suddenly taken ill at home, who would have this information?

Early treatment can save lives.

 Use the FREE Message in a Bottle scheme

Lion member Sue Balchin RIP demonstrates how to use the Message in a Bottle service

The system is used to record information about you which would be needed by the Emergency Services, such as:

  • Your full name
  • Doctor’s address and telephone number
  • Medical information
  • Next of kin or friends to contact
  • Your medication, allergies
  • Even what pets need looking after
Message in a Bottle 1

Simply enter the details on the form provided, pop the form in the bottle then put the bottle in your fridge.  Stick the special Green Cross symbol provided on your front door so the emergency services will know! Easy!

Look in your doctor’s waiting room or your local chemist or Health Centre for your FREE Message in a Bottle.

If you need more information about this scheme, please contact us

To see the details that can be entered in the form click here

The scheme is sponsored and organised by Lions Clubs in the United Kingdom and is FREE to the user.