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Saturday 3 November: Wokingham Charity Fireworks Spectacular

This year’s Wokingham Charity Fireworks Spectacular was due to be held on 3 November at Cantley Fields.  Wokingham Lions organises this event in conjunction with four other local service clubs, and it raises substantial amount for local good causes.  Full details at

Unfortunately there was a major gas leak adjacent to the display field just as the event was due to start.  The Fire Service and the Police ordered the field to be evacuated so there was no choice but to cancel the event.  After very rapid re-planning we were able to re-schedule it for the following day (Sunday), but had to cancel the torchlight procession.

We are a very friendly club, with members from Wokingham and the surrounding area. We work hard to support the local community and raise funds for local charities, and have fun doing it!
New members are very welcome, so if you would like to be part of it, please contact ustwitter


Registered Charity No. 277597                            Founded April 1974

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