Zoom meetings

To create a Zoom meeting so friends and family can meet remotely and take part in our quizzes, follow these instructions:

  1. All participants should install Zoom by visiting https://zoom.us/support/download. By default this downloads a Windows app, but you could also download in the App Store or Google Play to install on an Apple or Android device
  2. One participant should open the app, select Meetings then Schedule and create a meeting for 8:00pm on the day of the next quiz.  Leave all other settings to their default.  A pop-up window will be displayed showing the meeting details
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard  then paste the text in an email to all the other participants.
  4. At the time of the meeting the organiser should open the Zoom app and select Meetings, then start the meeting
  5. At the time of the meeting all other participants should click on the link in their email to join the meeting.
  6. The meeting organiser should open his browser and visit fb.com/wokinghamlions/live to join the quiz.  He can then switch to the Zoom app and click the green Share Screen icon at the bottom. Select the browser window and it will be shared with all participants

Note that the free version of Zoom is time-limited to 40 minutes if there are more than three participants.  However, when it times out simply repeat steps 4 – 6 to restart a new 40-minute session.  You can pause the quiz to ensure you don’t miss anything