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Why not join us?  We would be very keen to meet anyone interested in finding out more about the Lions, whether as a potential new member, to make a donation, to help us out on a casual basis, or for any other reason.

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Directors 2017/18

President: Sue Jackson
Immediate Past President: Bob Westerman
Vice President: Debbie Slay
Treasurer: Tim Hanton
Secretary: Alan Rouse
Fund Raising Co-ordinator: Bob Westerman
Community Service: Nigel Page
Membership: John Cleary
Public Relations Officer: Claire Mangers-Page
Social Secretary Paul Baily & Lyn Baily


May Fayre: Andy Slay
Winter Carnival Rep: Andy Slay
Youth Officers: Vicky Thompson
Message in a Bottle: Jean Ibbotson
SpecTrek: Nick Halford
Webmaster: Alan Rouse
100 Club: Mervyn Clark
Greeter: Patrick Allen